Your partner in the cloud.

Your partner in the cloud.

Your partner in the cloud.

Your partner in the cloud.

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Leverage decades of experience on the Microsoft Azure Stack. Master your domain by partnering with a trusted service provider focused on delivering scalable solutions.

Your success is our passion.

Our portfolio

Frameworks, SaaS solutions and products that showcase our work.

The Sahara Framework

A SaaS Framework for Startups on Azure.

Leads Direct

SaaS Platform for Sales Leads.

Inventory Hawk

Beautiful Inventory Management.


Real Estate Data APIs


Manufacturing Systems & APIs

Red Maple

Financial Processing

Pro Star Energy

Energy Solution Platforms

Galaxy Cloud CMS

Azure Based CMS & APIs in the Cloud.

Our philosophy

INNVTV is a technical services firm that understands technology never rests, and neither should your business. You have to be on the lookout for the next wave and be ready to ride it, or you'll be left behind. We believe that technology must be strategic from moment to moment. We believe that the user experience matters. We believe that our partnerships with our clients should stand the test of time. We believe in delivering our best in everything we do.

We LOVE Microservices

We leverage the power of NodeJS, .NET Core, Linux, Nginx, Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes to create highly flexible microservice solutions.

We are the Azure experts

Since the days of classic ASP, to the launch of the .Net Framework and the very first days of Azure we have been evolving our portfolio of services alongside those of Microsoft's core technology teams.

Application Development

Focused on .Net Core, C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS - our application solutions are built to be cross platform from the ground up. Ensuring your presence on every platform, every where.

Azure Web Apps Web Apps

Azure Cloud Services Consulting Azure Container Apps

Serverless Serverless

Docker Microservices Docker Microservices

Azure API Conulting API's



Our focus on security standards ensures that all solutions we develop adhere to the strictest industry guidelines. We offer end-to-end security, from access control and secrets management to encryption over the wire and at rest.

Azure Active Directory Consultants Azure Active Directory

Azure Key Vault

Azure Access Control


Our experience powering SaaS applications on the Azure cloud has given us tremendous knowledge in the field of identity management. Developing on standards like Active Directory as well as building custom identity solutions.

Active Directory

Active Directory B2C

Custom Identity Solutions

User Experience

UX is key to user engagement and satisfaction. INNVTV has a strong focus on developing experiences that are tailored to your goals. Using time tested techniques such as wireframes, prototypes and personas, we ensure that a proper experience is engineered into the very core of every product we develop.



User Journeys


Data & Storage

Data storage strategies are key to growth and flexibility. INNVTV taps into a wide variety of solutions from traditional SQL to JSON based document storage as well as globally-distributed multi-model systems such as CosmosDB.

Azure Cosmos DB


Azure SQL Server

Redis Cache

Azure Table Storage

Azure Data Lake Store

Azure Search

Development Operations

A proper DevOps workflow is vital to ensuring that you are ready to tackle the continuous evolution your products will go through as they are used in the wild. At INNVTV we build this workflow into our solutions so they stand the test of time and can be easily evolved to meet market demands in real-time.

Azure DevOps


Dev/Test Labs

Hockey App


Gaining insights and making strategic pivots from your data is key to long term success. INNVTV engineers this capability into all of our solutions.

Azure Synapse

Azure Event Hubs

Azure IoT Hubs

Azure Stream Analytics

Data Science & Machine Learning

Go beyond basic data analysis and build intelligence into your solutions that can adapt to users in real-time.

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Machine Learning

Custom Algorithms

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